Reflecting Upon Penny

Penny 5-17-15 a

Reflecting Upon Penny

By Richard Mabey Jr.

O’ bring me back just one more day,

to find myself lost in your eyes,

O’ your cowboy hat and carefree way,

to once again hear your gentle sighs.


In summertime we’d ride out on Route 46,

in my dear old Ford Falcon,

with all its dents and nicks,

riding off to Burger Chef once again.


A hamburger, fries and strawberry shake,

we’d both order to the girl at the window,

and all my courage it would take,

to simply tell you, I love you so.


And now on this Sunday afternoon,

O’ how dearly do I mourn for you.

I know I’ll see you in Heaven, none too soon,

but right now my tears fall and I’m so blue.


For in all your charm, class and lace,

for all the women I’ve known,

none have gotten to that place,

so deep in my heart, for you alone.

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2 Responses to Reflecting Upon Penny

  1. I like this one, very much, Richard. She would have liked it , too.

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