The Brave Warrior

# CROP Dad in Service

This is a photo of my dad that was taken at the famous Hickam Army Air Base in Hawaii during his service in World War II.

The Brave Warrior

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Not for glory did he fight,

Dad stood for what’s right.

Dad stood proud and tall,

to his country’s call.


With protection of angels from Heaven,

Dad joined Army Air Corps’ Seven.

At Hickam Army Air Base he served,

his focus never once swerved.


His mother’s prayers served as his shield,

so enemy’s bullets had to yield.

For at Dad’s age of seventeen,

angels presence could not be seen.


In the innocence of Dad’s youth,

deep in his heart stirred a truth.

That all people should be free,

of dictatorships and tyranny.


Though it broke Dad’s heart,

to be afar and apart,

from family and friend,

he went to Hawaii to defend.


For right from the start,

Dad knew in his heart,

the patriotism that he did feel,

was true, honored and real.

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