The Ticking of the Clock


This is a photo of my desk. Simple and humble as it may appear, it is the very place where I have to spend much more of my time these days. Burning in my heart is the goal to see I Remember Dad become published. Leaving my desk to play in bocce ball tournaments just ain’t gonna happen no more!

The Ticking of the Clock

By Richard Mabey Jr.

There is a certain awareness that we all have, deep within the fiber of our being, of the passing of time. I have this Mayberry clock in my room that I bought in one of the gift shops in Mount Airy, North Carolina. It gives off a very loud ticking sound. It is a bit of a Twilight Zone constant reminder to me that time is passing.

At 61, I’ve become more acutely aware that every minute of every day is precious. Incredibly precious. I’ve become more aware that I’ve got to do away with a lot of distractions that are taking me away from my personal goal, my calling, to see my book I Remember Dad become published. I’ve attained a mind set like a soldier preparing to go into battle. Time is just too precious to waste on distractions.

Gated communities by their nature are filled with distractions. It’s this inherent “all for one and one for all” mind set that can veer a person off the track to the destination they hunger to reach. Too many pot luck dinners, too much emphasis put upon golf scores, too many requests to play in the bocce ball tournaments. All of it from people with good intentions, but not a good thing for me if I am to maintain focus on my goal.

When I was a kid, 11 years old, in Mr. Yurgolese’s sixth grade class at Chapel Hill School, I loved to read Superman comic books. Superman had this wonderful Fortress of Solitude that he would fly off to at the North Arctic. Superman’s Fortress of Solitude had this huge key, which was right out in the open next to the door to his peaceful place of retreat. It looked like some kind of directional arrow for aircraft flying overhead. Superman would easily lift the outrageously oversized key, fly to the keyhole of the door of his Fortress of Solitude and easily unlock the huge door.

I don’t have a Fortress of Solitude in the North Arctic. So, I’ve got to rise above the many distractions of my life. I have to stand up, be brave and courageous and tell Lou. “no, I don’t want to play in the big bocce ball tournament next week. I just don’t have time to play bocce ball anymore.” And so on and so forth. I think you know how it is.

I’ve got to spend more time writing and rewriting. I’ve got to find the contentment in spending more and more time alone. I’ve got to focus with all my heart, mind and soul on my passion, to see my book become published. Some people that I know tell me that I’m obsessed with this goal. Actually, I think that I’m not obsessed enough with it. Failure is not an option.

The clock is ticking for all of us. Find the strength to focus even more strongly upon your goal in life. Find the courage to say no to people who want you to do this or that with them, when deep in your heart, your don’t want to. Be strong. Be brave. Be kind, but don’t let your worry about hurting someone else’s feelings allow them to drag you to do things and go places that you really don’t want to be bothered with at all. Find your key to unlock the door to your own Fortress of Solitude. Give it all you’ve got. Failure is not an option!

Peace and harmony,


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