Taking A Stand

Richard interviewed 1

Taking A Stand

By Richard Mabey Jr.

It was as about a year ago. Maybe, a year and a half ago, I’m not quite sure. I live in a gated community in Central Florida. There was a rather controversial issue on the table, that affected a lot of the residents. I had taken a bit of a tough stand on the side of the residents, in some of my writings in a local weekly newspaper.

When it comes down to it, the controversial issue isn’t the real subject of this essay. What is at the core of this essay, is that I found the courage to take a tough stand on the side of truth, justice and the American way. I know that sounds corny. But, in this case, Superman was my inspiration. Well, a little of Batman and Spider-Man also.

Richard interviewed 2

At any rate, one thing led to another, and I found myself being interviewed by a local cable television station. The crux of the matter; the stand I took for the little guy.

It was a tough interview, I kid you not. At one time, I found myself asking myself, “what did I get myself into here?” I found myself being intimidated by the chap interviewing me. As clear as the rising sun, I felt the presence of my father. Inwardly I heard my father’s voice, “Richard, don’t let him get to you. Stand strong. Don’t back down!”

Richard interviewed 3

From that fraction of a second in time, during the interview, I fought harder. I deepened my voice. I stood tall and proud. The chap interviewing me fought back, with vocal flexion that is. I stood my ground. At one point in time, I voiced a particularly good point on my side of the issue. I remember that the fellow holding the microphone, gave me the “thumb’s up” sign.

After the interview aired, I had quite a few people compliment me on how well I had done. The truth is that I secretly thought that I had not done that well with the interview. But, apparently I had done well.

To all of my good readers faced with a challenge, faced with a situation that requires you to take a stand, please stand tall and strong. Don’t let them get you down. Don’t back down!

Peace and harmony,


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1 Response to Taking A Stand

  1. Proud of you, pal. As you get older, you don’t get your back up as easily on most things, but you don’t back down as quickly either. Good Job, Kal-el!

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