The Old Gang

The Old Gang 9-5-64 cropped

From left to right: George, Stu, John, Kenny and myself. Photo taken on September fifth of 1964.

The Old Gang

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Lest not be forgotten,

O’ weary time when…

childhood’s wonder and zen,

of being eight, nine, or ten.


Gave to us such good friend,

of all for one to the bitter end.

O’ be the time machine to send

us back to era of magic and pretend.


With a tear in our eye,

and a sorrowful sigh,

we’ll say goodbye

to the sun-filled summer sky.


Of the era of all things good,

how proudly we all stood.

O’ to go back in time,

to the days when comic books were but a dime.

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