To Peter Onorati, With Much Thanks and Great Appreciation

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To Peter Onorati, With Much Thanks and Great Appreciation

by Richard Mabey Jr.

Peter Onorati is one of my favorite actors. In my book, he is one of the most talented dramatic actors on television today. There is something about Peter’s acting style that hits you right in the heart. He has this uncanny talent to rip through pretensions and portray a character with such insightful truth that he touches the inner chambers of your heart, before you know it.

I am honored to say that I graduated high school with Peter Onorati. Peter was a popular guy at dear old Boonton High School. He held the high honor of being elected President of the school’s governing body and he was a star football player. Even though he was very successful in high school, Peter Onorati never acted stuck up nor looked down at any of the other kids. That “straight from the heart” theme that dominates so many of Peter’s performances on television, is very real.

The people from Boonton, New Jersey love Peter. Essentially, he’s Boonton’s favorite son. And, what I respect so highly about Peter Onorati is that he never forgot the people from Boonton.

My dad was also a great fan of Peter Onorati. Back in the late 1980’s, Dad and I would watch Peter on the old “Kate and Allie” sit-com. I remember how Dad would say to me, as we were watching the show, “Richard, you know Peter’s from Boonton.” Upon which I would reply to dear old Dad, “I know Dad, I graduated with Peter.”

My dad went Home to be with the Lord in May of 2006. Still, after all this time, I deeply mourn his passing. There are times when I miss my dear old Dad so much, that I can hardly stand it. It was over eight years ago that Dad passed away and I have to confess, at times I still find myself crying because I miss him so much. Which brings me back to my tribute to the great actor, Peter Onorati.

A couple of years ago, Peter appeared as a guest star in the popular sit-com, “Big Bang Theory.” In this particular episode Sheldon goes to a new barber, with his buddy Leonard. Peter portrayed Sheldon’s new barber. In my book, this scene is hilarious. I hope I don’t sound like a nut, but I taped this episode and I have watched this famous barber shop scene well over a hundred times. I particularly watch the “Sheldon’s new barber” scene when I’m down in the dumps, feeling that awful ache of missing my beloved father. I don’t know what it is about that scene, but it just brings this sense of joy back to my heart. Maybe it’s because Dad and I were both fans of Peter Onorati, or the way that Peter played the role of the barber with such intensity, or just how absurd it all seems with Peter as the new barber chit-chatting about mundane stuff with rocket scientist Sheldon. Somehow, I think it was a combination of all three.

I’m fully aware that Peter Onorati is this incredibly talented dramatic actor, but I thank the good Lord that he gave the world this hilarious, comedic moment in portraying Sheldon’s new barber. So, to Peter Onorati, I bid you a most sincere and earnest thank you. Peter, you have no idea how much joy that your famous barber portrayal has brought to my heart.

Peace and harmony,


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