By Richard Mabey Jr.

For the most part, the life of a writer is a lonely life. At least at times it becomes very lonely. Privacy, time alone, and focusing on the inward call are essential needs for a writer. I remember the hay day of working as a copy writer at different advertising agencies, when I lived in New Jersey. There would be all of this scattered energy, anxiety vibes, and people wasting time on gossip. There were times when I would be in my office, longing to get away from the negative energy, to inspire my heart and soul with a walk in the forest, to simply listen to the gentle sound of a babbling brook.

Presently, I am living in one of those gated communities in Central Florida. Bottom line is that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Everything is perfect, almost as though it’s all a Hollywood facade. There’s no little gas station, no small town bakery, no down-home hardware store, no luncheonettes. There are plenty of those corporate chain casual dining restaurants. There are rows of box stores out on the highway. But there’s no sense of the feeling of down-home, small-town life.

I’m presently in the midst of working on the final details on my novel. Considering things such as the size of the font and the type of font that I would like to use for my book. Then, there is the problem of what to keep, what to take out, and then analyzing places in my book where I need to put in more detail. It’s pain staking detail work.

Right now, I’m sustaining myself with two jobs. They are humble jobs, but none-the-less, they’re important jobs. I am working in the security division of the gated community that I live in. Also, I spend a lot of time caring for cats and dogs for folks with pets who go away for a period of time, from one day to an entire month or more. I love animals, so the job of caring for people’s pets while they’re away is a true labor of love. The security job, well that’s another story.

I have to confess that it’s painful to confess that I’m working at such humble jobs. But, the scheduling allows me time to devote to my writing and specifically, to working on my novel. I write a lot at night, when the sun goes down. At times, after working all day, I’m totally exhausted. Still, something burns deep in my heart, to see my novel published. And, it does take hard work, a lot of hard work.

Recently my friend Patrick came down to Florida for a vacation. Patrick lives in Colorado. We were childhood friends. In sixth grade we had a teacher, Mr. Y., who was less than kind to most of us in his class. Also, we also had a crazy gym teacher, who made us go outside and run laps when it was freezing cold. If I remember right, the nutty gym teacher had us run laps a few times when there was snow on the ground. So, Patrick and I have that common bond. Also, we were both drummers in grade school. There’s no time for false humility, we were both incredibly great drummers. We had different styles of drumming, but we were both fantastic at playing the drums.

At any rate, Patrick landed in Florida, for his vacation, quite a little distance from where I live. He was down for only a short time. Sadly, due to my work schedule, I wasn’t able to get to see him. It bummed me out for a while. But then I realized bonds of childhood are not easily broken.

There is a point to this particular blog. It’s this: to reach a goal, it takes hard work. No easy way to see your dreams come true. It takes focused concentration. Also, it requires a willingness to make sacrifices. And finally, there’s no time for whining. As Larry the Cable Guy says, “get ‘er done!”

Peace and harmony,

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