My First Drum

My First DrumOn Christmas Day of 1956, at the age of three, I was blessed to be given my first drum. I am convinced that much of who and what we are in this present moment is the result of very early childhood dreams and ambitions. In a very real way, I can remember that feeling of loving to play the drums, even at the age of three. Something had been set in the sinew and fiber of my heart and soul that drew me to a love of playing the drums.

I remember that one time when I was in high school, I think it was in my sophomore year, that my dad said he knew from the time that I was a toddler that I was going to become a very good drummer. I also remember my dear old dad telling me that he saw something shine upon my face, when I was a young child when I played my drum.

I think that drummers have a cosmic bond that is unspoken, it simply cannot be put into words. I am convinced that drummers are in tune with the cosmic beat of the universe. There is a rhythm to the universe, the tides of the ocean are in synch with this rhythm. So is the rising of the sun, the slow passing of clouds, the gentle opening of a rose’s petals, and the roar of thunder. Like the ticking of a clock, the universe has a definite rhythm and cadence to it. Drummers know this deep within their hearts.

Just for kicks tonight, I reviewed my list of Facebook friends and was amazed at how many of them are drummers. Some of these Facebook friends go back to the days of grammar school. Some drummers are drawn to playing loud, driving beats, which is great for rock music. Some prefer to play syncopated, free form rhythms that work so well for playing jazz. Still, other drummers find their greatest fulfillment in playing complex rudiments, which are the essential foundation for playing the drums in a marching band. Despite all of these, and many more, methods of playing the drums, there is a golden chord that holds drummers together as brothers and sisters of rhythms and cadences.

I am incredibly grateful that my mom and dad bought me my first drum when I was just three years old. I think that by having played the drums at that very early age, I grew to develop an understanding of timing and rhythm. All of which do play an important role in my work as a writer to create a cadence to an article, essay or story.

To all the drummers out there, please do keep the beat playing. Never surrender your love for creating rhythms and cadences. Continue to play the drums with an enthusiasm and love that will bring a joy to the hearts of so very many people. And of course, first and foremost, know that playing the drums will continue to bring a joy and wonder to your own heart. Drum on!

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One Response to My First Drum

  1. poppies says:

    This is a great post. I too vividly remember my first toy drum at around 3 years old. I’m sure the fun I had with that drum influenced me to become a drummer!

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