Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

wheatIt seems that whenever we set a goal, where we’ve set the bar high, there comes a time when we go through the days of trial. This is that time when we are tested, when are very determination is challenged, and there is this sinking feeling deep in our gut that maybe we’re just reaching for the moon and the stars. This is the very time when we need to dig deep, stand tall, and find the inner strength to carry on and focus full force on our goal and dream in life.

This is the painful question: would you be willing to clean manure in a horse stable to come closer to seeing the fulfillment of your life’s dream? Because, really and truly, sometimes that is what it takes. Now, it’s not that we are literally going to have to clean the manure in a horse stable, but there will come a time when we have to go through a vigil ordeal in order to take positive steps to seeing our dream come true. It’s the time period when the wheat is separated from the chaff.

For myself, my own time of separating the wheat from the chaff has come to me. Right now, I find myself working at three jobs. The day’s labor is long. But I know that this is the time of the temperance of my soul. This is the time where I am looking at my goal and dream of having my book published and the spiritual forces of the universe are looking back at me, asking me how bad do I really want to see my dream come true. We all have to go through this. It’s almost that the universe requires it. We stretch, we grow, we become better people for it.

I’ve been in email and telephone communication with a manager of a book printer who insists that I have their art department design the cover of my book. I’ve told this manager, who is stressing this to me, that I worked in an ad agency for five years and that I know that I can design and set up my book cover. This particular manager does not understand this at all, he is insisting that I pay a rather large fee and have the art department design my book cover. Needless to say, I am very seriously considering crossing off this book printer from my list and moving on to the next book printer on my list.

The point is that if I had the money handed to me, I might easily agree to this book printer’s stern request that I pay some big fee to have his company design my book cover. But through the process of working long hours, working steadfast, saving every cent that I can to have my book published; I am much stronger to tell this book printer that I am fully capable to design my book cover the way that I want it.

To all of you reading this blog, who have a big dream, I share this with you: DO NOT GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE UP! And as a corollary to this: NEVER GIVE IN TO SOMEONE ELSE’S DEMANDS WHEN YOU KNOW IN YOUR HEART THAT YOU’RE WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY FOR YOU!

Keep positive! Work hard! Keep your eyes focused on your life’s dream. Never give up! Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you cannot accomplish your goal. Move forward with great courage and inner strength. Give it all you got and NEVER take no for an answer! Whatever your goal or dream is, remember this: IT IS POSSIBLE!

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