To Climb A Mountain

IFI believe that all of us who are climbing a mountain to reach a certain goal in life, sometime or another find ourselves overcome with fatigue and being out of breath. For myself, I have been climbing my own mountain in pursuit of saving up enough money to self publish my book. I find myself, on the morn of Palm Sunday, to be in that space of being filled with fatigue and having that sense of being out of breath.

For quite a while now, I’ve been on the fast track of working three jobs; working in the security division of a gated community, working for a real estate rental firm, and walking dogs. Burnt into my heart and my mind is the picture of my book, sitting on a bookshelf of a bookstore. A thousand times, I’ve pictured myself at a book signing for my book. And, those images have been enough to sustain me, to push me forward, to give me the inspiration to keep on keeping on. Yet, I hate to admit it, this morning I feel that sense of exhaustion overcoming me.

In prayer and contemplation, I have dug deep into my heart and soul to find the flame of inspiration. Like flint hitting steel, a tiny spark of flame came into my heart. It fell upon the kindling of lost dreams and forgotten goals. Something touched the essence of my soul, the very core of my being. Somehow and someway that feeling of fatigue, of looking at the incredible height of the mountain I am climbing, of feeling a sense of defeat; all of it immediately evaporated from my heart, mind and soul and I found myself once again filled with fired inspiration and fierce determination to see my book published.

The imagery that touched my heart was the remembered face of a dear, sweet child that I had known from when I was yet a young man, in my early twenties. A young girl of seven, the daughter of a wonderful woman I had once dated, came to mind. This young girl was and is a most incredibly talented artist. Seriously, I’ve never quite known a small child to show the talent, the dedication, the innate ability to draw, color and paint as I saw in this young girl.

It dawned on me this morning, a great source of inspiration often comes from our observations of children. For a child knows not the sense of limitations, a child has no concept that the fulfillment of a dream can become encumbered with the harsh realities of how mean and tough real life can be. A child simply sees possibilities, a child dreams, a child envisions the seemingly impossible as possible, a child works from a pure and loving heart.

All of us face our own personal mountain, the incredible incline we must labor to climb to see our dream and goal come true. And yes, no matter how much we keep a positive thought, there are times when fatigue and doubt may seem to overcome us. Yet, that is just the time when we need to dig deeper, contemplate on possibilities, call upon our higher self, and order the demons of doubt and negativity to leave our hearts.

Know this, that YOU decide whether to continue to climb the mountain or whether to give up the climb and return to the Valley of Mediocrity. There is no other person who can decide that fate for you. If you are facing your own mountain, looking at that incredible climb with fear, doubt, fatigue and negative thoughts; please know that in one split second you can shift your perspective to one of a positive attitude; filled with hope, faith and a vision of unlimited possibilities. It all comes down to this, it’s plain and simple, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM!

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