My Tribute to Jack Kirby

“The Avengers” motion picture opens tomorrow. But, sadly, something will be missing. That something is giving any credit at all to Jack Kirby who, along with Stan Lee, created the characters from The Avengers. Why? That’s the question that plagues thousands of comic book fans.

Jack Kirby was born on August 28th of 1917. He passed away on February 6th of 1994. He was an incredible artist, writer and editor of hundreds of comic books. In 1940, Jack and Joe Simon, created one of the greatest superheroes of all time, Captain America for Timely Comics. That company became today’s Marvel Comics.

Jack was a veteran of the Second World War. Coming home from the war, Jack drew comics for DC, Harvey, Hillman, and Crestwood publications. It was right after the war that Jack and Joe Simon created the genre of romance comics.

It was in the early 1960’s that Jack teamed up with comic book writer, Stan Lee. And, the rest is history! Jack and Stan co-created the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, X-Men, and a long list of other comic book superheroes.

In 1970 Jack and Stan had a parting of the ways. Jack then began working for Marvel’s competitor, DC Comics.

Jack Kirby should have definitely been given credit as a co-creator of the superheroes, “The Avengers” in the credits of the film that opens tomorrow. I write these words boldly and with heart-felt conviction: shame on Marvel Productions!

With a well respected salute to Jack Kirby,


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4 Responses to My Tribute to Jack Kirby

  1. Cindy Bay says:

    you’re so right he should have credit too
    Very intresting

  2. Kay Fabe says:

    Why no credits? Because then they’d have to pay him (or rather his estate) his due, that’s why. It’s all about the money.

  3. Cindy and Kay, thanks for your feedback. Jack Kirby was an incredibly talented artist. He really should have gotten some credit on the new Avengers movie. Thor was originally his idea. He was such a good guy that he shared the credit for Thor with Stan Lee. It’s just a real shame.

  4. I think that at this point in time, Jack Kirby’s family has finally settled with Marvel over representation and monetary issues, after his death. Jack was certainly the driving force at Marvel in the sixties, and his work with Stan Lee was among the best he ever did. To his credit, Stan has written time and again about his admiration for Jack and his works, even if Stan could not square thing monetarily with Jack. I have seen Jack’s name crop up on some of the credits of more recent Marvel films, along with some other talented artists and writers. Want to know who every artist copied in comic books? Its Jack Kirby. He was that good.

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