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The New Typhoid Mary in the Business World

It seems more and more that I find that basic rudeness is the new vogue. Recently I bought one of those new type of reclining chairs from the Internet. When I got it some of the bolts were missing. It needed … Continue reading

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Become the Charging Rhinoceros

There are times when it feels like your wheels are spinning in the sand. You find yourself in a situation where you are doing your absolute best, you are giving 150% in working toward the fulfillment of a goal, and … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Easter Bunny

I am here to tell the world that the Easter Bunny is in fact, very real. I personally think that he is an alien from another planet. And, this company called “Paas” that makes the dye for hard boiled eggs … Continue reading

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When Time Comes to Change Your Purpose

From about 1985 till 2005, I wrote many articles about the history of Northeast New Jersey. They focused on Hook Mountain, the Morris Canal, the relationship of the Lenni Lenape Indians to the European settlers, and the role that rivers … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

There is a new trend in newspapers. Maybe it is just a Central Florida thing, I don’t know. The physical size of the daily newspapers has been cut down, both vertically and horizontally. Local feature stories no longer fill the … Continue reading

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