Become the Charging Rhinoceros

There are times when it feels like your wheels are spinning in the sand. You find yourself in a situation where you are doing your absolute best, you are giving 150% in working toward the fulfillment of a goal, and nothing seems to be going right. It could be at your job, in a social club that you belong to, in starting a business, in reaching toward growth in an artistic endeavor; but it just seems that everything is at a standstill and nothing is going right. Instead of the famous James Bond character, Goldfinger, you feel like Leadfinger. Everything you touch seems to turn to lead.

This is just the time when you have got to relax and take it easy on yourself. It is not the time to beat yourself up, with second guessing things that you could have done or should have done. No, this is a time to be kind to yourself.

If you read a few biographies of people who made it big in the world, you’ll find that they also went through a time period where they felt like they were walking through the desert and getting nowhere fast.

Say that you’re interested in photography. You have a pretty good portfolio of black and white prints of nature scenes. Your goal is to get them on display in a local library, or local school, or local community center, or art museum.

But for the last month or so, despite all your hard work of telephoning people, writing letters, sending out emails in an effort to get your photos on display; it has just been one rejection after another. At this point, the worse thing you could possibly do is to start feeling sorry for yourself. That will only take you to No-wheres-ville, real quick!

Instead, give yourself the gift of taking some time off in working so hard to see your dream fulfilled. This is the time to take a walk in the woods, catch up on a favorite movie that you videotaped a while back, or simply take a ride in the country. The main thing is to relax, let go of your goal for a little while, and allow your creative juices to once again flow.

Stress, tension, and anxiety are not helpful elements toward accomplishing a goal. Instead, let go of your goal and dream, for just a short while. Take two steps back. Find the joy that you once had in simply working in your creative and artistic endeavor. Not for the sake of trying to impress anyone, but simply just for the fun of it.

Give yourself time to re-evaluate your plan of action, to make changes in the steps you’ve planned on taking to fulfill your goal in life. Then, when your battery is recharged, go back into the world and proceed like a charging rhinoceros toward the fulfillment of your goal in life.

Remind yourself that you are a talented person. That you do, in fact, have the stuff needed to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. And, never sell yourself short!!!! For within you is an infinite supply of energy, intelligence, talent, and great abilities. Take the time to rest, to recharge your battery, then become a charging rhinoceros in working toward the fulfillment of your big goal in life!

Peace and harmony, Richard

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