When Time Comes to Change Your Purpose

From about 1985 till 2005, I wrote many articles about the history of Northeast New Jersey. They focused on Hook Mountain, the Morris Canal, the relationship of the Lenni Lenape Indians to the European settlers, and the role that rivers played in the early development of the economy of New Jersey. These articles were published in local newspapers and numbered well over the 300 mark.

Since moving to Central Florida, I really haven’t done much research on the history of this region. Today, I actually began the process of researching the history, culture, and belief system of the Seminole Indians. They were and still remain to be, a fascinating cultural study. I’ve lived in Central Florida now, for over three years. I don’t know why I didn’t begin to study the history of Central Florida before today.

Sometimes, for whatever reasons, we want to hold onto our old purpose in life. For some reason, it becomes hard to let go of what was and grab hold to a new golden ring of purpose in life. On the surface it may seem noble, but when we peel away a few layers of excuses to get to the truth of the matter; we find we were just stuck in a past purpose of life.

I was thinking about it today, there are thousands upon thousands of people who have moved to Central Florida in the past five years or so. No doubt, very few of them know the truth, the drama, the colorful culture of the Seminole Indians. The study of Native American history is barely touched upon in grade school and high school history classes. Even in college classes devoted to the theme of United States history; a study of the culture, economy, and belief systems of Native Americans is barely touched upon.

For some time now, I’ve spent too much time dwelling upon the fulfillment that I found in studying the history of North Jersey. I was blessed to have at my fingertips an elaborate library of old books that were housed at the Lincoln Park Museum. In the days of working corporate public relations jobs and in advertising agencies, I would often go to this small town museum on Sunday afternoons and write two or three articles from lunch time till supper time. Hundreds of these articles were published in local newspapers.

Something touched my heart today, something called to my very soul, to begin the process to write articles and true-to-life stories about the culture of the Seminole Indians. I can’t explain it, but it was as if the flame of artistic and creative expression was once again burning brightly in my inner being.

To all of my good blog readers, who may feel stuck in the mud at a certain job or circumstance in life, may I share these words with you. Please do dig deep within your heart and soul, to ignite the flame of enthusiasm to find an outlet for your inner creative and artistic expression. Go forth with courage and determination. Please take your eyes off of any and all individuals for whom you feel may offer criticism of your creative expression.

Whether it is to write a poem, to audition for a play, to take photographs of nature, to begin painting with oil colors, to make a sculpture out of a lump of clay, to do woodworking, to learn how to play a musical instrument, or any one of a hundred artistic and creative outlets; please do give it all you got!!!!! Work with devotion and dedication to your true goals in life. Please do listen to your own hearts and not the criticism of anyone. Hold dearly the call of soul, the inner feelings to accomplish great things in life. Never allow anyone to persuade you that you aren’t good enough to accomplish your heart’s desires in life.

With good will and positive thoughts, Richard

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1 Response to When Time Comes to Change Your Purpose

  1. Gretchen Helle says:

    Well done! We moved to Greenville NC in Sept 2006 and love it. This place is filled with tons of history and lots of old cemeterys. You look at the headstones and wonder who they were and what they did. My laptop died on me back in Jan so for now I am using a Nook color tablet so bear with me if there are typos. I’ll be checking your blog, now that I know about it. I have a love of Native American Indian culture and I feel there should be more taught about it in high school. Take care Richard and have a blessed Easter. Gretchen Helle

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