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Age Prejudice

This is dedicated to all the people over the age of 50. Just recently, I presented a concept for a series of columns to an assistant editor of a publication which is based in Florida. The editor was a young … Continue reading

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The Wonderful, Positive Role of Encouragement

One of the greatest honors that I consider bestowed upon me came when the members of the Beavertown Historical Society (in Lincoln Park, New Jersey) voted unanimously to display my published articles about the history of Lincoln Park on one … Continue reading

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To Dad, From Earth to Heaven

In a few weeks it will be six years that my beloved father went Home to be with the Lord. I still miss Dad dearly. My dad was my best friend. Not only was dad my best friend, he was … Continue reading

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A Dedication to David Wesley Storms: 1859 – 1931

David Wesley Storms was my great grandfather. He was my dad’s mom’s dad. He lived in the small town of Lincoln Park, New Jersey all of his life. The Storms homestead was, and still is, located along Route 202. The … Continue reading

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The Old Gas Station Soda Cooler

The Summer of 1964 was a most memorable summer for me. I was 10 years old and it was a most magical time of my life. There were the old tree forts. One was located in the tall, towering maple … Continue reading

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My Tribute To A Wonderful Fisherman

My cousin, Wes Mabey, was the greatest fisherman I have ever known. He had such a wonderful enthusiasm for fishing. I had the honor, and I do mean honor, to go fishing with Wes several times. Wes had this incredible … Continue reading

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Hard Pizza Crust, A Broken Molar, And A Supernatural Moment

I guess it was about a week and a half ago that I broke off a big piece of one of my molars, on the bottom left hand side of my mouth. Hard pizza crust was the cause of the … Continue reading

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The New Typhoid Mary in the Business World

It seems more and more that I find that basic rudeness is the new vogue. Recently I bought one of those new type of reclining chairs from the Internet. When I got it some of the bolts were missing. It needed … Continue reading

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Become the Charging Rhinoceros

There are times when it feels like your wheels are spinning in the sand. You find yourself in a situation where you are doing your absolute best, you are giving 150% in working toward the fulfillment of a goal, and … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Easter Bunny

I am here to tell the world that the Easter Bunny is in fact, very real. I personally think that he is an alien from another planet. And, this company called “Paas” that makes the dye for hard boiled eggs … Continue reading

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