Stand Tall

There are times when it feels like we are swimming upstream. Everything seems to be going wrong. And then, to make matters worse, a close friend betrays us. It’s times like this that we feel like giving up on our goals and dreams in life. We feel like just throwing our life’s goals and dreams into the air. But these are the very times when we have to stand our ground, go within, and re-inspire ourselves to once again become focused on our goals and dreams in life.

Yes, it’s important to care for other people. It’s important to volunteer time to help worthwhile nonprofit organizations, to donate to organizations that reach out and help the poor. But, it is also important to take time out to nurture our own dreams and goals, especially in those times when it seems everything is going wrong.

It’s important to realize that each and every one of us has a purpose to serve upon this earth. If we allow our outer circumstances and the negative things people say to us, to influence us, we are defeating ourselves. We’ve got to stand tall, believe in our goals and dreams, and stand firm in our journey to fulfill our goals and dreams in life. We cannot allow anyone to beat us down, to get the upper hand on us, to dare to stop us from fulfilling our Divine purpose.

Sometimes you’ve got to dig deep, deeper than you have ever dug within yourself to find the courage, the strength, and the determination to move forward to working to the fulfillment of your dream in life. Don’t be intimidated by other people, by what they say, by the titles or degrees they hold. Because when all the dust has settled, they are just people. They have no power over us, unless we give them that power. And, that is something that we never want to do. Never!!!!!!

Take the time to read the biographies of men and women who accomplished great things in life. You’ll be blown away by the obstacles that they had to overcome to fulfill their goals and dreams in life. And, whatever you do, never give in to feeling sorry for yourself. You are a creation of a Divine Wisdom that is so incredibly great and powerful, that in our human state of consciousness, we cannot even begin to understand the vast wisdom of God.

Stand tall! Give it all you’ve got! Fuel the fire in your heart, expand your mind by imagining yourself doing great and wonderful things. See yourself as the person that you really want to become. You have a greatness within you that you have not even begun to tap!!!!

Keep your dream focused in your mind and in your heart. Don’t fall into the trap of doubting your abilities. Keep saying to yourself, over and over again, “I can and I will fulfill my life’s goals and dreams that I have set for myself.”

You are a unique person! In all of human history, there has never been another single person who is or has been exactly the same as you!!! Be ever courageous in your journey to fulfill your life’s dreams!

Peace and harmony, Richard

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