Don’t Let Other People Distract You From Your Dream

In working toward the fulfillment of your dream, it is very important to be very careful with whom you choose to share your heart felt goal in life. For many reasons, people will listen to you tell them about your dream. Then, immediately they will give you a hundred and one reasons why you’ll never succeed.

It is important to remember that at this very moment in time there are probably at least a dozen people who are jealous of you. They can be jealous of many things that they envy about you. Here’s the tough part, some of these people may be the people you work with, some may be the people you see at your church or temple, some may even be family members.

The biggest thing is not to allow other people to distract you from fulfilling your dream. For instance, say you have a dream to act in a stage play. Until now, you may have never been in a play in your entire life. You might be in the cafeteria at work and you mention that you are going to audition for a play at a local theater next month. All it takes is one person to laugh, be smug, say something negative, roll their eyes, use a voice tone that is demeaning to your goal, and then you might begin to doubt yourself.

It is best to be quiet about your dreams and goals, sharing them only with the people with whom you are closest with. Even then, others might do or say something that will put a doubt into your heart and mind that perhaps you’ve set the bar too high. Sometimes the people who tell us that we’ve got our heads in the clouds are actually well meaning in their motives.

Your subconscious mind will pick up tiny details of a person’s reaction of your sharing your most precious dream in life. They might wrinkle their forehead (even every so slightly), they might give a little smirk, their voice flexion may have a subtle ring of sarcasm to it, or they may roll their eyes a tiny bit. All of these body actions and voice flexions and more like it, will be picked up by your subconscious mind and may cause you to doubt yourself.

Stay true to your dream in life. Be determined not to be swayed by other people. Develop a bull dog attitude that says, “no matter what happens, nothing and no one can stop me from fulfilling my dream in life!” Have the attitude of Marshal Dillon going into the Long Branch Saloon to stand up to the meanest gunslinger in the wild west! In short, don’t let anyone put an ounce of doubt in your heart and mind.

Know that you do have hidden talents, that have yet to be tapped into. Know that you are a very special person. Know that it is up to you to continue to work toward the fulfillment of your life’s dream or to give up. No one else has the power to force you to give up on your heart felt dream.

Truly, your dreams can come true. Truly, they can!

Peace and harmony, Richard

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