Never Give Up On Your Dream

One of the saddest things that I’ve seen in my life, is the number of people I’ve known who have simply given up on their dreams, their heart’s desires, their golden ambitions, their cherished goals in life. When you really sit down and think about it, it’s incredibly sad.

During the 1990’s I used to moonlight, teaching Creative Writing at a small college in northern New Jersey and also at Pequannock High School adult education program. When all is said and done, if I was able to teach the students just half of what they taught me, I would consider myself a big success as a teacher.

One student, in particular, brought a great sadness to my heart. John was a retired mailman. His stories were simple, yet filled with a richness of realism and a true love of life. Twice during the semester, I would arrange for my students to read their writings at the local bookstore. It truly saddened me when John told me that he wasn’t going to attend the big event. When I asked him why not, he simply told me that he didn’t think that his writings were good enough for him to read at the bookstore event.

It is a real understatement, when I tell you that I encouraged John to come to the big creative writing event at the local bookstore. John’s writings, for the most part, centered upon his adventures as a mailman. He wrote about the people on his mail route, the adventures he had delivering mail, including an ongoing battle delivering mail to one family who had an ornery hound dog. John’s stories were heartwarming, humorous and filled with the richness of loving life.

After John completed the Creative Writing course, I never saw him again. From time to time, I think that maybe I should have tried harder to convince him to attend the creative writing readings at the bookstore. I think that John would have been surprised to see that he would have gotten a lot of positive feedback from the people who attended the bookstore readings.

It’s really sad to say that sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot, when a golden opportunity comes along to help propel us closer to the fulfillment of our life’s dreams. We simply sell ourselves short. It’s so very important that we believe in ourselves, believe in our talents, and dig deep to find the courage to take steps toward reaching our goals in life. Even if it means stepping out of our comfort zone.

Never give up on your life’s dreams. Never sell yourself short. Never let a golden opportunity pass you by because you don’t feel you are good enough to take a giant leap of faith. For truly, within you is a creativity, a talent, a drive, and abilities that you have not even begun to tap into. Yes, you can accomplish great things in life!!!!

Till tomorrow,


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