The Giving Heart

When my father was first diagnosed with cancer, it was as if something spurred him on to be even more devoted to caring for other people. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Dad jumped into the deeper waters of the lake of life and gave even more of himself to help others.

One of the things that I am so proud of my father for doing, was that Dad began giving talks to children at school, at scout meetings, at various youth club meetings, and at special assemblies held at the old Lincoln Park Museum. Dad’s talks basically centered upon two major themes. The first of his talks focused on the history of the Morris Canal. The second talk was devoted to the subject of the history of Lincoln Park.

There were times, when I remember Dad being in a lot of pain from his cancer. I would go with him to the school or place where he was giving his talk and he hid his pain so well, that no one would have believed that he was suffering from cancer.

My dear father, made every minute count in the last few years of his life. During this time, he wrote and published a book about the history of Lincoln Park, entitled “Then and Now: A Pictorial History of Lincoln Park.” It was only three months after the book was published that it cleared all its printing costs. In just two years time, the book made over $3,000.00. Every cent was donated to the Beavertown (Lincoln Park) Historical Society.

Dad felt strongly that people should know the history of the town that they lived in. My beloved father worked with dedicated diligence to give talks, publish a book, and give tours of the Lincoln Park Museum so that people could learn more about the wonderful history of Lincoln Park.

I loved my father dearly, I miss him so very much. He showed me firsthand, that no matter what happens in life, you have to keep on giving of yourself to help others. It is a spiritual lesson that I cherish.

No matter what is happening in your life, please do take time out to consider a way that you can still give of yourself to uplift and help others.

Peace, love and harmony,


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