That Was Then, And This Is Now

I recently watched that episode of the Andy Griffith Show where Goober grows a beard and then everyone in Mayberry thinks of him as a wise intellectual. It inspired me to think about growing a beard again. I figured if a beard can do that for Goober, it’ll make me soar. About 20 years ago I had a beard. But, I landed a part in a play and the beard had to go.

I realize now that my beard is going to be more white than light brown. Kind of a sad thought. I got to thinking about it some more, as strange as this might sound, I really don’t mind shaving. Well, except for when I knick myself.

Back when I had my beard, I was writing stories for a local newspaper. That’s what I’m doing these days, so aside from having gray whiskers, things haven’t changed much. Well, actually they did, I’m wiser now.

Education and wisdom are not the same thing. My Grandma Kemmerer used to tell me that all the time. Now, all these years later, I realize what she was talking about.

During the era of my beard, I volunteered my time as a church youth group leader, where I ministered to high school kids, who were a lot younger than me. Now, I minister to people who are a lot older than me. Same calling, ministering to folks, but a different age group. I guess the good Lord felt I had reached a point in my growth in wisdom that I could now be of console to the elderly set.

Having not shaved in a few days, I have to be brutally honest that my beard (so far) just doesn’t look right. I think that people will either respect me for how I can minister to them or they won’t respect me. It’s painful to realize that growing a beard isn’t going to make a big difference to people, one way or the other.

Back when I had my beard, I was dating this wonderful young lady who loved my beard. But she’s gone from my life now. Besides, that was then and this is now.

Sometimes in our journey to find truth, we might find ourselves romanticizing the good old days. And then subconsciously we do something to try to bring back that time period to our present day life. But deep down we know that we can’t go back. We’ve grown, we’re wiser, and now we have a new purpose in life.

That was then and this is now. And, even growing a beard won’t bring it back.

Peace and Harmony, Richard

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One Response to That Was Then, And This Is Now

  1. pat mccarthy says:

    Just now read your blog on beards. My mustache has been on my face since my son was born, over 38 years ago, so I have no idea what I would look like if that goes. I have tried to do the beard thing a few times, and like you, it comes in gray and white. My wife says I look like a bum who is on a bender. The cool thing is that people wanted to give me money cause they thought I WAS a bum!

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