I hate to admit this, but I’m starting to forget things. At 58 I find myself remembering one of those “one hit wonder” songs from the middle of the 1960’s and not being able to remember the name of the group that sang it. About 20 years ago, I bought and read Jerry Lucas and Harry Lorayne’s Memory Book. As soon as I can remember where I put it, I’m going to read it again.

Forgetting things can be a big step to take on our spiritual journey. For about five years, I wrote a column in my hometown newspaper entitled, “The Fond Memories of Growing Up in Lincoln Park.” Quite a few people told me that I was looking at the time period of the 1950’s and 1960’s with rose colored glasses. This was mostly from the people who were my age and remembered growing up in Lincoln Park during that era in time.

You see I never mentioned the big bullies that lurked the halls of Chapel Hill School and Boonton High School in any of my columns. To me, they just weren’t worth remembering.

There will always be the person, on the job, who will blame you for the very mistake that he or she actually made. There will always be the person who reminds you of things that you’d rather forget. There will always be the person who cruelly criticizes the things you say or do. They are just a part of life. But, there’s no need to dwell upon them. In fact, it’s best to forget them.

This afternoon, I went through some boxes of stuff I have, looking for my copy of The Memory Book when I came upon my old Chapel Hill School graduation yearbook. It brought me down Memory Lane. And, I was proud of myself because I had forgotten the bullies. Of course, seeing my old yearbook, reminded me of them.

At any rate, I put my old Chapel Hill School graduation yearbook back into the box. I had this one moment where I forgot what it was that I was originally looking for. It lasted for about ten seconds, then I realized that I was looking for my copy of The Memory Book.

Sometimes I think that it’s best to put the memories of the bullies in an old cardboard box and not dwell upon them at all. Because when all is said and done, that’s really where they belong.

Peace, Richard

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